Lighting up Rome

Here it is, DecemberITALY-THEME-CHRISTMAS-COLORS-GAY, long awaited pre-Christmas rush time, when you can just feel it, it’s almost there. The most wonderful feeling about the Christmass, is that one you feel preparing , getting ready for something beautiful and hopefully white. Well, in Rome white is rare, but it happens…Shoppers all around, running and getting the last missing presents, sometimes even skipping the beauty of the Eternal City.


Romans start to decorate their pride on the 8th of December, all the churches are decorated with greens, all the Corso, main shopping street that brings you to the Piazza Venezia, is decorated with green and red lights, kids having fun, adults rushing or having romantic walks. That’s the charm of Rome, trough all the stressed and sometimes for no reason  irritated citizens, you’ll  see the wonderful Rome.
Christmas trees are lighted all around the city, at the Vatican, the Colosseum and the Spanish Steps, nothing too extreme, because of the religion, they don’t attempt to go crazy with the decorations, because end of the day, it’s all about other than material part and who does better….you shouldn’t miss the Christmas market at the Piazza Navona, tasting roasted almonds and delicious Italian goods. Have  your own pre-Christmas miracle happening in Rome.


Ostia Antica

Ancient Roman Ruins Ostia Antica Rome Italy
If Rome’s noise and police sirens start to disturb your peaceful Roman holidays, head to Ostia Antica, which totally deserves it, relax, stare at the ruins and imagine how was it 2000 years ago, when this place was ancient Rome’s seaport. The huge thriving commercial center of 6000 people.

It’s so easy to get in here, just half an hour by train, and you will experience another world, the seaside let you relax under the sun, take it all in, the ancient ruins of today, remains of warehouses, apartment flats, baths and shopping arcades, opening for your vision another window, of how Romans used to live, Ostia Antica is one of Italy’s yet not appreciated sites…

Looking back in the history, Ostia was founded back in 620 BC, around 400 BC, Rome conquered Ostia and made it a naval base, serving a very busy and important commercial port. Within many years, surviving also the fall of Rome, Ostia port was abandoned, the harbor simply silted up, thanks to mud, that eventually buried all Ostia, the ruins survived.

Nowadays more and more tourists visit Ostia Antica, seeking the long awaited peace and relax from Too Dolce Vita, you can stroll among the ruins and trace the grid standard for Roman military towns, the east, west, south and north gates, walking through the vanished towns, where you can identify buildings that were existing from the times before the Christ. The diversity of museums, one of the most interesting room is one where countless religions and foreign lands where staying, as Ostia accommodated people from all over the world.

Have your own archeological stroke in Ostia, it’s a quickest trip and getaway from the busy capital, instead of heatstroke get an archaeological one.

The key to enjoying sights from ancient Rome is to resurrect all that rubble in your mind. A quick trip out to Rome’s ancient port helps do just, that making it more likely that your hours climbing through the wonders of ancient Rome will give you goose bumps rather than heatstroke.

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Open Tennis Tournament, Foro Italico

Well, the Rome has survived the canonization of Popes, Easter weekend, its birthday and 1st of May, and once you thing , there is the break coming in finally. Not so fast…Rome has new happenings going on, such as Italian Open Tennis Tournament, Rome will hosting it from the 10th until the 18th of May, making Foro Italico wild busy. Each year, the Italian Open Tennis Tournament comes right before the French Open, which is the major tennis tournament and Italian Open is just a warm up.

Have your very own Dolce Vita at the Internazionali BNL D’italia, the event is more than just a tennis, it is a total entertainment experience, where all Romans will attend and tourists from all over the world will be. Excellent food, fabulous shopping and amazing architecture , that’s Rome, that’s just a part of beauty that you can enjoy while taking a part in Open Tennis Tournament in Rome.

Last year Rafael Nadal won a record seventh singles title. This tournament is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. Tennis players consider this as a true test of their court skills, the atmosphere is more fun and festive…no pressure , relaxed atmosphere and the best players. This year it will be the 70th edition of the Open Italian Tennis Championships. You will experience the highest ranking players of the world such as Nadal, Federer, Djokovic, Venus and Serena Williams and many more. Here is another reason to visit beautiful Rome.

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Labor Day in Rome

Hot midday sun and monuments made by Italian genius, surprising you on every step you make in this ancient open air museum, Rome…They say, Romans know how to enjoy life, sipping hundred coffees on their way to work and between the break, there is no bed time to say “Prendiamo il cafe”? They also say Romans are lazy…whether it’s true , one is for sure, they will live longer than rest of us and enjoy the life a lot more. 1st of May, all workers day is coming, and whether you like it or not, Romans will celebrate it as best as they can:)

Labor Day brings a lot of concerts and events to Rome, it has been celebrated since 1880, when they were fighting for their rights. Farmers and other workers traditionally took the day off to eat, socialize and dance on May 1, until it was cancelled for about 20 years, but was back on track in 1945 with many other countries globally. Italians trade unions organized the big music events of first of may at San Giovanni Square. From early morning until late in the night, there will be performances of Italian and foreign artists.

It’s a public holiday, so most of the services will be closed in the capital, you will find interesting parades and events you could celebrate with Romans, be prepared for big crowds. So get there before, most of the roads will be closed for cars and public transport, prepare to pay taxi or walk home, and dont forget every now and than to be Roman and enjoy life, specially worker day, 1st of May!

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Obama meeting Pope in Rome


There are thousand of reasons to visit Rome, for one it’s a romantic matter, for others, best food trip, for some just to mark that I have been here…and for some it’s only about the Vatican and Pope Francesco. So here is one big reason you to come to rome this week, cos on the 27th of March Mr PResident Obama will meet the Pope Francis, discussing their already shared commitment to fighting poverty and growing inequality.

Rome will be Mr President’s part of his European tour, after visits other European capitals. The colosseo will have red line around it,being closed, but there will be other even better reason to get crowded, he will first visit the Vatican and Pope Francis, and then will have a tour through the Colosseum. All because of the safety, the roads around the ancient miracle will be closed, and the Colosseum itself won’t be open for public on this day.

Obama will also meet Italian President Napolitano and Italy’s Prime minister Matteo Renzi, so this visit will be mostly political, but still, in order to working out the poverty issue. Obama will land in Ciampino Airport, Rome,on the 26th of March, his visit to Rome is scheduled for two days only…so if you were looking for the reason to visit rome, here is one, meeting two most beloved men on earth right now.

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Maratona di Roma

So, the romans have passed the carnival time, eating a lot of carnival goods, now it’s time to fulfil the local gyms and attend all possible activities, to prepare for the beach season, it won’t be
long, and the heat will take over the capital.

Annually the Roman capital helds Rome’s Marathon, each year , the third sunday everyone is welcome to take a part. It’s a beautiful 42 km tour through the streets of Rome, some of the best scenarios of all times, starting at the Roman Forum, passing by some of Rome’s most famous sites and the Vatican before ending at the Colosseum.

It’s a splendid day for tourists, but a nightmare for Romans, cos the streets of historic center are closed to the traffic, so prepare your two wheels friends and head to the center. More than 30,000 casual runners participate in a shorter run that ends earlier.

Do not miss the best action in Rome in March, start a healthy Roman holiday, ending the day withn not that healthy pizza and some of the best wine.

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Spring time or equinox

Have you ever heard about the spring equinox, maybe it will be more clear to you as the first day of spring, this year it will fall in today, the 20th of March. Usually it comes with warmer temperatures and promising a better time, marking the beginning of spring and the end of the winter. An equinox happens twice a year around March 20 and September 22 when the Earth’s equator passes through the centre of the sun.

That means that the sun will rise exactly in the east and travel through the sky for 12 hours before setting exactly in the west, that’s how precise the mother nature is. Also Rome awakes from its short winter, which by the way is not that bad…The celebration is in everyones heart, quiet and pleasant, spring is the time when everyone opens up, being tired from the cold and stress, they finally can come out and get a long awaited sun’s hugs.

To celebrate the arrival of spring, we’ve rounded up quotes, sayings, and poems that capture the essence and excitement of the arrival of spring. The piazzas are decorated, concerts are held and wine is drunk. Very often the spring festival in Rome, again, is centered around the food, in restaurants private parties or degustations. Romans know how to celebrate life, and will sure remember to celebrate their natural charge of batteries goddess, sun. So. it starts today for mother nature , tomorrow is the official Spring day, so poor wine, pull out great meal , there are no excuses needed, celebrate the spring!

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