Vatican City is one of the most famous tourist attractions and a popular destination especially for Christians wishing to see the pope or practice their faith. The Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums are just couple of the many attractions that can be found in Vatican City. It is also a very unique city, as it a city, state and country all in one surrounded by the city eternal city Rome. Furthermore, it is the smallest country in the world. Visiting Rome cannot be imagined without visiting Vatican.

Vatican City - The Holy See Rome, Italy - All in Rome

Aside from the religious aspects of Vatican City, the location has substantial historical significance. The long history, enormous importance and fabulous architecture is an inseparable part of a city. The walls that surround Vatican are made from Medieval and Renaissance eras. In addition, you are coming to Vatican in summer, do not miss the opportunity to visit the gardens, dating back to medieval times in 13th century. The garden is full of fountains, and offers a pleasant relaxation during the warm reason.

The main tourist attractions include: Saint Peters Basilica (can hold up to 60,000 people) and Tomb, Vatican Grottos, Castel Gandolfo that is the present Pope’s summer home and The Christian Museum. Because of the long waits in line and the ever-changing rules to visit different areas of Vatican City, it is suggested to read the official Vatican websites or to make a call in advance. Not without reason tourism is the one of the principal sources of revenue in the economy of Vatican City.

It is said that walking through Vatican City is like walking through time. Being a great historical and formidable spiritual venture, it is one of the most sacred places in Christian world and the world’s great cultural resources. Unique collections of architectural treasures, arts and signs of the past. It is amazing how much this mini state can offer.

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