Have you ever seen American movies, where in the churches are singing gospel choir? Im sure you have seen! So there is a festival going on on December, Italy’s beautiful capital Rome will host Roma Gospel Festival. So the Gospel Festival will be held in the Auditorium Parco della Musica for a 19 day blues event directed by Mario Ciampà. It features some of the best spiritual and gospel music groups from the USA and around the world.

This kind of music is very beloved by Romans, light blues, with very spiritual and positive gospel singers, cheering up the public in Rome. Many popular gospel groups will perform, just the best from the America. Its a great opportunity to welcome Christmas in Rome. Starting from the 20th of December this year it will be the sixteenth audition in Rome.

Also if you are not into the gospel music and you are not religions, its something particular that will warm your hearts up, giving you a positive energy, even if you are just a curious person, come over and see what they have to tell. So the shiniest stars of the program will be fallowing, the 20th which is the opening day, James Hall & Worship Praise, 25th Walt Whitman Chicago Choir and on the 29th The Brown Sisters.

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