There is mothers day celebrated, women’s day….and also something for all great fathers…19th of March is the day in Italy and few more countries when we gather all the great fathers, making their day special, thanking them for being around, hopefully. It’s also called Feast day of San Giuseppe, also Saint Joseph, Mary’s husband, 19th of March used to be a national holiday, traditionally celebrated with bonfires and sometimes pageants with scenes from the life of Saint Joseph. Children give gifts to their fathers on San Giuseppe Day. Zeppole are traditionally eaten on Saint Joseph’s Day.

In most of Europien countries this day is not particluary celebrated, but in Italy is same as special as mother’s day. Father’s Day is a celebration of fathers inaugurated in the early twentieth century to complement Mother’s Day in celebrating fatherhood and male parents. In this period you’ll find these cakes in many bars and Pasticcerie and so it’s worth trying one or two, they are really different and very delicious.

To going back in the history to find out more about Giuseppe, we find in the Christian Bible, that says, St. Joseph the carpenter was the husband of Mary and the earthly father of Jesus. Tradition says that March 19th is the birthday of St. Joseph. The feast that is celebrated on St. Joseph’s Day honors all fathers. Many other countries join the festivities on March 19th and, since Joseph is one of the most common names in these countries, most families have at least one Giuseppe, Jozefa, José, Pepe, Joe, or Josephine to celebrate with. But there is no need for special day to say some nice words to your father…even if on this day you can make Him feel so much more special than other days.

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