You can’t really count all the events and festivals that take part in beautiful month of March in Rome, when every tree blossoms and that special something is in the air, you can’t see it, just feel it…even a walk might seem a lot in this marvellous capital, but annually Commemoration of Caesar’s Death is held March 14 is celebrated in the Roman Forum, near the statue of Ceasar.

Because he drove from Rome the royal race,
Brutus was first made consul in their place.
This man, because he put the consuls down,
has been rewarded with a royal crown.

Anyway it was a will which would change the history of the western world, military gambles, political intrigue, supernatural events, compassion for those who turned out to be his own assassins, his relationship with Cleopatra and so on. At the time of his death Caesar was preparing a huge military campaign against the Parthian empire in the East. . An ideal answer in terms of Caesar’s personal ambitions but surely a contributing factor to the hate the Republicans had for him. So on the 14th in Italy there is a Commemoration of Caesar’s Death, cultural events are usually held in the Roman Forum near the statue of Caesar.

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