Have you ever heard about the spring equinox, maybe it will be more clear to you as the first day of spring, this year it will fall in today, the 20th of March. Usually it comes with warmer temperatures and promising a better time, marking the beginning of spring and the end of the winter. An equinox happens twice a year around March 20 and September 22 when the Earth’s equator passes through the centre of the sun.

That means that the sun will rise exactly in the east and travel through the sky for 12 hours before setting exactly in the west, that’s how precise the mother nature is. Also Rome awakes from its short winter, which by the way is not that bad…The celebration is in everyones heart, quiet and pleasant, spring is the time when everyone opens up, being tired from the cold and stress, they finally can come out and get a long awaited sun’s hugs.

To celebrate the arrival of spring, we’ve rounded up quotes, sayings, and poems that capture the essence and excitement of the arrival of spring. The piazzas are decorated, concerts are held and wine is drunk. Very often the spring festival in Rome, again, is centered around the food, in restaurants private parties or degustations. Romans know how to celebrate life, and will sure remember to celebrate their natural charge of batteries goddess, sun. So. it starts today for mother nature , tomorrow is the official Spring day, so poor wine, pull out great meal , there are no excuses needed, celebrate the spring!

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