So, the romans have passed the carnival time, eating a lot of carnival goods, now it’s time to fulfil the local gyms and attend all possible activities, to prepare for the beach season, it won’t be
long, and the heat will take over the capital.

Annually the Roman capital helds Rome’s Marathon, each year , the third sunday everyone is welcome to take a part. It’s a beautiful 42 km tour through the streets of Rome, some of the best scenarios of all times, starting at the Roman Forum, passing by some of Rome’s most famous sites and the Vatican before ending at the Colosseum.

It’s a splendid day for tourists, but a nightmare for Romans, cos the streets of historic center are closed to the traffic, so prepare your two wheels friends and head to the center. More than 30,000 casual runners participate in a shorter run that ends earlier.

Do not miss the best action in Rome in March, start a healthy Roman holiday, ending the day withn not that healthy pizza and some of the best wine.

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