There are thousand of reasons to visit Rome, for one it’s a romantic matter, for others, best food trip, for some just to mark that I have been here…and for some it’s only about the Vatican and Pope Francesco. So here is one big reason you to come to rome this week, cos on the 27th of March Mr PResident Obama will meet the Pope Francis, discussing their already shared commitment to fighting poverty and growing inequality.

Rome will be Mr President’s part of his European tour, after visits other European capitals. The colosseo will have red line around it,being closed, but there will be other even better reason to get crowded, he will first visit the Vatican and Pope Francis, and then will have a tour through the Colosseum. All because of the safety, the roads around the ancient miracle will be closed, and the Colosseum itself won’t be open for public on this day.

Obama will also meet Italian President Napolitano and Italy’s Prime minister Matteo Renzi, so this visit will be mostly political, but still, in order to working out the poverty issue. Obama will land in Ciampino Airport, Rome,on the 26th of March, his visit to Rome is scheduled for two days only…so if you were looking for the reason to visit rome, here is one, meeting two most beloved men on earth right now.

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