Here it is, DecemberITALY-THEME-CHRISTMAS-COLORS-GAY, long awaited pre-Christmas rush time, when you can just feel it, it’s almost there. The most wonderful feeling about the Christmass, is that one you feel preparing , getting ready for something beautiful and hopefully white. Well, in Rome white is rare, but it happens…Shoppers all around, running and getting the last missing presents, sometimes even skipping the beauty of the Eternal City.


Romans start to decorate their pride on the 8th of December, all the churches are decorated with greens, all the Corso, main shopping street that brings you to the Piazza Venezia, is decorated with green and red lights, kids having fun, adults rushing or having romantic walks. That’s the charm of Rome, trough all the stressed and sometimes for no reason  irritated citizens, you’ll  see the wonderful Rome.
Christmas trees are lighted all around the city, at the Vatican, the Colosseum and the Spanish Steps, nothing too extreme, because of the religion, they don’t attempt to go crazy with the decorations, because end of the day, it’s all about other than material part and who does better….you shouldn’t miss the Christmas market at the Piazza Navona, tasting roasted almonds and delicious Italian goods. Have  your own pre-Christmas miracle happening in Rome.