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Tivoli – A Small Italian Paradise – Rome Day Trip

Tivoli is a small and ancient Italian town in Lazio, about 30 km from Rome, at the falls of the Aniene river, where it issues from the Sabine hills. There are breathtaking views out over the Roman Campagna. And that is saying much, considering the spectacular beauty and lush design of wonderful, sprawling Italian villa gardens. According to UNESCO, more than half the world’s historical and artistic heritage is in Italy. Do not miss the chance to discover one of the best of them. The spring time is already here, take an opportunity to discover what is there behind the walls of glorious capital of Italy.

Originally known as Tibur, the town of Tivoli was a resort for wealthy Romans around the 1st century BC. The area contains a lot of remains of aqueducts, mausolea, and Roman villas including those of Hadrian’s Villa, as well as the renaissance Villa D’Este with its famous gardens. In the Roam times, Tivoli used to be the most famous trading centers in ancient Italy. In addition, it used to be the famous resort of nobile Romans, medieval feudal barons and the Pope. Tivoli gives you a chance not only to take a closer look at Italian history but also to stay in a mini paradise of the nature that only some of the outskirts might offer.

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Without a doubt Tivoli with its amazing gardens will stay in your mind for a long time. Hours of delightful exploration, fish pool, fabulous statuary and millions of pathways leading you on… Furthermore, take at least a moment to enjoy a mystical Fountain of the Dragon. It is an architectural miracle and inseparable assessor of that time villas. In ancient time water was considered to be a key element, bringing the wellness and tranquility. Take some time to relax while walking along the Avenue of the Hundred Fountains. Freshness of spring is guaranteed.

There is plenty to occupy the visitor in Tivoli for a day, however, the two most famous villas cannot be excluded for any reasons. Gardens have been inspiring many generations. As a result, Tivoli’s reputation as a stylish and beautiful resort and the fame of the gardens of the Villa d’Este have inspired other sites named Tivoli all over the world. Visit Tivoli and you will definitely find out why! Dive into the sound of nature in Tivoli.

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Caravaggio in Rome till 20th of June, 2010

Most of the artists receive recognition after the death. Ironically, famous while he lived, Caravaggio was forgotten almost immediately after his death, and it was only in the 20th century that his importance to the development of Western art was rediscovered. 2010 marks the 400th anniversary of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio’s death. His intensely emotional realism and dramatic use of lighting had a formative influence on the Baroque school of painting. He was 39 when he died and had spent half of his life painting professionally. Discover the best creations of this great man. The exhibition is open from the 20th of February to 20th of June, 2010. The exhibit is held at the Scuderie del Quirinale, a museum fashioned from the stables of Rome’s Quirinal Palace.
Caravaggio Rome
A man who revolutionized the art world with his realism and intensity. The show brings together 24 paintings from museums across Europe and the United States. Why to explore his creations in Rome? First of all, because the Rome exhibition is organized chronologically and divided into the three main periods of Caravaggio’s short career. In his first stage, Caravaggio often used green as a predominant background color. In the second phase, red is the dominant color. In in the last stage dubbed “flight,” figures are often set in gray. In addition, Italy was the country that has influenced the artist for many years. Every canvas and panel in the show is an authenticated, universally-accepted work from Caravaggio’s hand. The master of light, shadow, and emotion is back! Rediscover.

Trained in Milan under a master who had himself trained under Titian, Caravaggio moved to Rome in his early 20s. Huge new churches and palazzi were being built in Rome in the decades of the late 16th and early 17th Centuries, and paintings were needed to fill them. That is how the career of this great man began. The artist, who experienced an early fame was known as a notorious drinker and bar brawler. His death was unexpected for most of the so-called higher society members. Caravaggio was wounded in a fight in a tavern in Naples and died of a fever in July 1610. However, there is still wide debate on the real cause of his death.

Italian artist Caravaggio was known for his realistic paintings and a unique use of the color palette. If you can get to Caravaggio in Rome, run and do not forget to enjoy. This isn’t likely to happen again in our lifetimes. A man who created the history of art should be appreciated. And the best time to do it is coming. Discover the different conception of arts.

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