It is widely known, that Rome was founded by Romolus and Remus on seven hills. But these famous seven, as for example the Palatine, Capitoline or Quirinal Hill, are not the only ones, not even the highest. The highest hill of the city is Gianicolo (82 m). It is located between Trastevere and the Vatican City on the right banks of the Tiber.

Gianicolo Hill Roma

On top of the hill you will find Piazza Garibaldi, with a massive statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi. In 1849 he and his soliders were fighting against the French troops in order to achieve a unification of Italy. To remember that bloody fights you need to get your earplugs ready. Each day at 12:00 a canon gets fired.

To get there you just need to climb up a couple of steps from Trastevere. Wander trough a lovely park area. Along the way you will learn a bit about the history of Italy, as it is lined by sculputures of famous Italians, helping to unify the country. You will also pass by a beautiful fountain, which is almost as nice as the Fontana di Trevi…whith way less tourists. I am pretty sure you will be really stunned by the gorgeuos panoramic view over Rome – the Eternal City. The peace and quiet on that hill is definetly a good escape from the hectical, noisy big city life.

You also get to see an amazing sunset up there. So just grab a friend or lover, a bottle of wine and some grissini and enjoy the breathtaking romantic atmosphere.

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