It is spring in Rome! The sun is shining, flowers bloom and the temperatures are rising again. Everybody is trying to spent as much time outside as possible… Tourists, Romans, Couples, Friends, Families, Young, Old…everybody is having a good time. And who doesn’t fancy a big portion of traditional Italian ice cream. Chocolate, Cafe, Amarena, Strawberry….there are plenty of flavours. The choice is yours. It is Gelato time – Enjoy!

Did you ever wonder about the origins of ice cream? Here you will find the whole story.

Gelato, Ice cream

Ice cream Gelato

Apperently there already was something like ice cream in ancient China. Of course it was nothing like italian Gelato, more like sorbet…bur yet a start. Although greek poets were writing about this type of ice cream. It seemed to be more or less like snow with all sorts of fruit or honey. Everybody loved it, still it only was for the rulers…roman emperors got the ice up from the mountains in the north and the emperor in India had the ice from the Himalayan Mountains. With the decline of the Roman Empire also the knowledge of how to make ice cream disappeared. Finally the crusaders brougt the recipe of “schebert” to Europe, a type of sorbet made of fruitsorbet and snow. In the 11th century it was a common dessert, but only in the upper class. The first book about icecream was published in Italy in 1775 under the title “De Sorbetti! by Filippo Baldini.And again, ice cream is all over the place. An Italian is the first one to open a cafe that is serving ice cream in France, in the States, in New York the first Gelateria opens in 1770 and in Hamburg, Germany in 1799.

Over the years this sweet has become more and more popluar….at first a bunch of snow in a cup, but finally ice cream machines and ice cream cones were invented in the 20th century.

Nowadays nobady can imagine a hot sunny day with out a good ice cream…no matter if cup or cone, at home, in the streets, in a gelateria, alone or with friends, in Italy or anywhere else in the world!

Rome is one of the best destinations for fulfilling this desire. There a uncountable ice cream parlours, and the Italians are certainly the best ones at making it.

Buon Appetito!