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Italy’s Culture Week 9 -17 April 2011

Rome is a center of art, full of museums, ancient sites, for one week it will be so easy for tourists and Rome’s visitors to access all that history for free. From 9-17th of April 2011, Italy will celebrate its 12th annual Settimana della Cultura, or Culture Week. During these 9 days – admission to national museums and monuments will be free or discounted. The Palaces and archaeological sites aren’t normally open to the public, its like an exclusive bonus.

You can discover all the wonders of Rome – its magical fountains, the magical atmosphere and beautiful Roman squares. Roman Temples and Amphitheaters, churches, Renaissance and Baroque palaces, and the fascinating medieval alleyways of Rome are only a few of the aspects that the Eternal City blends in a harmony of styles and ages that has no equal.

The Italian Ministry of culture has opened all state operated museums, it was decided 12 years ago. In addition to the free admission, there will be special performances, exhibitions and tours given.

So we suggest you to travel to Rome for these days and get a nice accomodation and stay in the center, discovering and exploring the Eternal City’s ancient streets.

Don’t forget that the Vatican City is not Italy and their sites won’t be free to visit, so

leave the Vatican for the days when Cultural Week is not taking place.
Free Museums During Italy’s Culture Week.


17 March 1861 2011 Italy’s 150th anniversary

This year is gonna be Italy’s 150th aniversary. In 1861 Italy finaly became a unified State again, after political activities and struggles. Italy may be a history full country but it’s quite young. After Roman Empire’s fall, Italy had been divided in small states and little cities under the control of foreign nations like France, Spain and Austria. But that wasn’t the final stage back in 1861, there were more sacrifices and wars to be fought, to become that  Italy what we see today. There were a series of wars to get independence from foreign rule. Garibaldi liberated the south in 1860. After a National vote in 1861 most of the nation became united under King Victor Emmanuel II of the House of Savoy. For example Rome joined the Italian Kingdom only in 1870 when the Papal state fell and the Pope had to accept the Vatican as his own territory.    This year Italy will celebrate it’s 150th anniversaryof the unification of the country, and it’s getting ready for the celebration in the center of the anniversary.  which is gonna be in the city of Turin (Torino). That’s a place where the Italian Parliament was held , and where was named Italy’s first King Vittorio Emanuele  II. Back than Rome wasn’t yet a part of the new Italy, so the Turin was the capital city.   The region of Turin and Piedmont  (Northwest Italy) have been getting ready several years for 2011.  There will be historic exhibits showcasing the past 150 years, with extensive practice hosting international events, from the 2006 Winter Olympics, Salone del Gusto – the largest food festival in the world , and there will also be events highlighting the best what Italy can offer today – Torino is the right place to greet guests intent to celebrate Italy. The celebration begins on March 2011,with different kind of showsto celebrate the Italian experience, it gives the visitors another reason to travel to Italy.   The most important and most stunning exhibit during Experience Italy is called Beautiful Italy – all about Art and Identity of the Capital Cities. As shown through the nine capital cities of the pre-unification Kingdoms there will be more than 300 Italian masterpieces showcase of Italian art till the 1861. Beautuful Italy will include also many famous globally known masterpieces by Italy’s most important artists like Giotto, Donatello, Raphael, Beato Angelico, Leaonardo Da Vinci, Rubens, Canova and more.  There will be also 1,400-mile bicycle adventure that will course through nine of Italy’s 20 regions. The ride includes a stop in Rome and concluding in Turin.
Bicycle Tours, is celebrating by offering everyone the opportunity to bicycle 29 days from the tip of western Sicily  to Turin in the north because 150 years ago Giuseppe Garibaldi united the South of Italy with the North.