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Gospel in Rome – M&J Place Hostel Rome

Emotional, spiritual and jubilant, that’s what is Gospel music like. Celebration of God’s love…B-U is a home of International Urban Gospel Artists, who are doing a World tour, with their songs and great spirit, performing all over the world!

They are bringing the truth about Jesus Christ over blazing hot tracks. B-U is a truly a special duo that GOD has chosen to reach the youth & young at heart through the ministry of music.  Their sound is like none you’ve ever heard before with exciting adlibs and their performances are unforgettable. As the words minister to the spirit, the music enhances the praise. And the Children of God , the Glory Gospel Singers.

Gospel style makes use of choral singing in unison or harmony. The songs are performed with fervent enthusiasm, vigor, and spiritual inspiration, with much ornamentation in the solo vocal lines. They all were performing also in Rome and stayed at M&J Place Hostel. We were pleased to have them here. They are heading to their next destination, and we wish them best luck!

Gospel @ M&J Place Hostel Rome

M&J Place Hostel Rome, Italy


The Streetles at M&J Place Hostel Rome

Markus Rieger and Oli Spielberger are currently on a 7week musical tour around Europe.
They rely solely on the money the make from their street music to pay for everything from transport to accommodation and food. Both boys come from Aschaffenburg in Germany and are taking a gap year to travel round with their music and hopefully improve on some of their skills.

Markus plays the guitar while Oli plays the upright bass and they both sing. Mainly they specialize in songs from English bands including the Beatles and the kooks but they also perform German songs among a range of others.

This is the first long solo trip that the guys have done together and they have planned it all themselves. They have even got postcards and their own website which is which they set up all for the tour. They are 3weeks in on the trip so far and it has all been a smooth ride in which they have already visited Prague, Berlin, Toulouse, Barcelona, and Rome just to name a few places.

In Rome, they selected M&J Place Hostel Rome, Italy

as a base to discover Rome.

They have a planned itinerary for there tour but only decide on how long they will stay in each place once they are there. So there are no set dates on where they will be at what time. The best way to follow their progress would be to check out their website as they regularly update it with what is happening on their travels. Some major cities they are still to visit are Venice, Paris, Amsterdam and Hamburg with more stops in between, so keep an ear out for them as they are hugely enjoyable to listen to.
We wish the boys best of luck with they rest of their travels round Europe.

Here we are, M&J Hostel Rome 2011 – 753 B.C.

Michael Nolte is travelling with his “Romae Armatura” to discover and enjoy the eternal city of Rome as the first Roma Backpackers did 3000 years ago.

Michael Nolte is a 26 y.o. German guy, who has always loved a lot the ancient Roman Empire. His passion led him to leave for a week his “normal” life in Cologne, Germany, to live in Rome as a real Legionario, wearing a typical “Romae Armatura” (Roman armour) while walking in the streets of the Eternal City and enjoying it, as the ancient “Roman Backpackers” did 3000 years ago.

He travelled to Rome following the Roman road (all roads lead to Rome) from the city of Cologne through the road Via Appia . Around he Colosseum, tourists take pictures and videos of this real Legionario: he belongs to the Legion II Augusta (under Neron’s Kingdom), and his Roman name is Gaius Julius Baccus.

He carries with him a special bundle, with all an ancient Roman needs to survive: enough bread for a week, some old coins, and some little games (stones, dice), to spend a nice time in case he meets new Legionari.
During his stay in Rome Michael slept at M&J Hostel, and he really enjoyed its services and also the drinks at the bar downstairs, The Living Room Café. Michael will keep on visiting other roman cities and hopefully staying in friendly hostels like the M&J, where he taught to guests some special stories about Romans’ habits and life, becoming the hostlel’s live logo. And, who knows, maybe in the future he’ll send to Rome other Legionari friends, and we’ll enjoy their presence here, taking more pictures and videos, and learning something more about ancient Rome.

M&J Place Hostel Rome, Italy

Flavian Anphitheatre, the Coloseum

Originally called Flavian Anphitheatre, the name with which it is worldwide known derives from the bronze statue that was standing at its side, the huge “Colosso” of Nerone.

Its construction began with Vespasiano and ended in the 80 AD With a 100 days opening party; gladiators fights and public contests (as mock sea battles and animal hunts) could now take place in a noteworthy structure, after that the big fire of 64 AD burned out the previous amphitheater.

It was, and still is one of the most important works of roman architecture and engineering.

With an elliptical form (189m long and 156m wide), it is made up of three stories of superimposed arcades covered with travertin stone and framed by half-colums of the Tuscan, Ionic and Corinthian orders and statues, with a tall attic at the top.

Originally, a huge retractable awning, the velarium, was opened to protect the spectators from sun and rain.

It could accommodate around 50,000 spectators, seated on in a tiered arrangement that reflected the rigidly stratified nature of Roman society (the wealthy citizens in the lower part, the poor ones on the upper), whereas the gladiators, the slaves and the animals were in a complex structure of galleries right under the terraces and the arena.

It immediately became the symbol of the imperial Rome, but it wasn’t always a golden time. It suffered under different stone and metal robbers, and even earthquakes; families lived into it using it as a castle during the middle age, and it needed to be restored several times.

But its glory is still intact; belonging to the UNESCO cultural heritage, the Colosseum is one of the most popular tourist attractions, and probably the most defining emblem of the eternal city during the centuries.

M&J Place Hostel Rome, Italy

M&J Place Hostel Rome Anniversary of 16 years

M&J Place Hostel is a home away from home for those who stay with us on their journey through Italy and we are now celebrating 16 years of service to backpackers and travelers from around the world. Our doors have been open since 1995, welcoming all cultures and nationalities to our eternal hometown of Roma.

M&J Place Hostel is one of the most populare hostels in Roma, known for its welcoming atmosphere and closeness to the greatest attractions. At M&J we offer a range of accommodation from shared dormitory rooms with or without private bathrooms as well as high class private rooms with private bathrooms. We are centrally located minutes walking distance from Termini and some of Roma’s most famous monuments such as the enchanting Colosseum and Fontana di Trevi.

Our bar and restaurant is a great place to meet people from all over the world. Enjoy a glass of wine and pasta or a beer and panino while watching the city life of Roma outside or surfing the web with the use of our wifi. Together, our friendly staff speaks a wide variety of languages and the reception is open 24 hours a day so we are always available to help you navigate our lovely city of Roma.

Come and join us to celebrate M&J Place Hostel’s 16th Birthday on May 11th at 9pm! There will be free drinks and food for all, as well as live music with a dj and tons of fun! There is no where else to be then at the party meeting new people and having a great time in Roma!


M&J Place Hostel Rome, Italy

Buon Compleanno Roma 2764

21 April is the 2,763rd anniversary of the legendary founding of Rome by Romulus in 753 BC.
The city is marking the occasion with a programme of events over several days, including free guided tours of archaeological sites and monuments, lectures, historical re-enactments with the Gruppo Storico Romano and music performances. The celebrations culminate in a sound and light performance on 21 April in Piazza del Popolo at 22.00 followed by fireworks on the Pincio at 23.00.

Other highlights include the evening opening of the Capitoline Museums and the temporary exhibition L’Età della Conquista on 21 April from 20.00-24.00 and the launch by the city council of the Permanent Council for Dignity, Forgiveness and Reconciliation, which will assist governments, institutions and communities in their peace-building efforts through dialogue.

The legend of the founding of Rome has been handed down by the first-century BC historian Marcus Terentius Varro, who based his account on a date established by his close friend, the astrologer, mathematician and philosopher Lucius Taruntius Firmanus. Recent archaeological discoveries, in particular those made by Professor Andrea Carandini on the Palatine hill, seem to support the legend.

Rome’s birthday has been marked every year since 1870, with a more recent focus on the capital’s vocation as a place of peace and meeting of cultures.

Rome is among the most famous historical cities in the world, from its alleged founding in 753BC through the rise and fall of the mighty Roman Empire and its prominence as the home of the Roman Catholic Church to this day. In a city with such a rich historical and cultural tradition, the celebration of Rome’s founding with the annual Birth of Rome day of festivities is the perfect opportunity for visitors and locals alike to discover more about Rome’s fascinating past and enjoy lively community events.
The legend goes that Rome was founded on 21 April 753 BC by the brothers Romulus and Remus, twin sons of a woman who was impregnated by the god Mars. These half-divine children posed a threat to the new Latin king who ordered them to be drowned, but they were rescued and raised by a she-wolf and eventually founded the grand city. Romulus subsequently killed his brother in a dispute over who should rule and lent his name to Rome.
The main site is Aventine Hill, between the Capitoline Hill and Testaccio district. For fireworks, good viewpoints are Campidoglio (behind Capitoline Museum) and Giardino degli Aranci, near Aventine Hill.

16.00: Commemoration of the Foundation of Rome with  the performance The Trench Digging (Il Tracciato del solco) at Circus Maximus
18.00: Ritual ceremony of Palilia, an ancient agricultural festivity, officiated by the six Vestals near the Temple of Vesta located close to the Mouth of Truth
21.30: Fireworks and lights at the Foro Romano


Italy’s Culture Week 9 -17 April 2011

Rome is a center of art, full of museums, ancient sites, for one week it will be so easy for tourists and Rome’s visitors to access all that history for free. From 9-17th of April 2011, Italy will celebrate its 12th annual Settimana della Cultura, or Culture Week. During these 9 days – admission to national museums and monuments will be free or discounted. The Palaces and archaeological sites aren’t normally open to the public, its like an exclusive bonus.

You can discover all the wonders of Rome – its magical fountains, the magical atmosphere and beautiful Roman squares. Roman Temples and Amphitheaters, churches, Renaissance and Baroque palaces, and the fascinating medieval alleyways of Rome are only a few of the aspects that the Eternal City blends in a harmony of styles and ages that has no equal.

The Italian Ministry of culture has opened all state operated museums, it was decided 12 years ago. In addition to the free admission, there will be special performances, exhibitions and tours given.

So we suggest you to travel to Rome for these days and get a nice accomodation and stay in the center, discovering and exploring the Eternal City’s ancient streets.

Don’t forget that the Vatican City is not Italy and their sites won’t be free to visit, so

leave the Vatican for the days when Cultural Week is not taking place.
Free Museums During Italy’s Culture Week.